Zagg is one of the best company in Europe that provide protection covers for different electronic devices. If your phone cover is broken you can get it from

Zagg products come with the name of Invisible Shield. This brand provides screen protectors for smartphones, tablets & laptops. One aspect of this brand is that it claims a lifetime guarantee for its products.

Alert Notice:

Zagg warranty claim is only available for online bought products or from Zagg Official Outlet. If you buy Zagg products from a third party outlet or online store. Zagg is not responsible for its warranty claim.

Zagg Guarantee Plan For Invisible Shield Screen

Your iPhone needs protection. Zagg Invisible Shield claims to provide the best screen protector. Because Zagg provides you a lifetime warranty for your screen protectors.

If you ever buy a Zagg screen protector for your phone. And it’s broken due to some reason. You can claim your warranty for your screen protector.

To claim Zagg warranty replacement for your product you need to register your product at www.Zagg.Com/Register.

Step By Step Guide For ZAGG Registration

These are the necessary step to perform in order to register your product with Zagg official website.

  • Visit the URL to register online and use Zagg Store Services.
  • If you already have a Zagg account, just log in and navigate to the product registration page by entering your login credentials.
  • If you don’t already have an account, visit without signing in to the product registration page.
  • This will show a list of the following categories:
  • Invisible Shield
  • InvisibleShield HDX
  • Social Tech
  • Keyboard
  • Audio
  • You can select your desired category from the available products list.
  • After you select your desired product you need to enter the following details.
  • Enter the purchase date of your product.
  • Provide the location of the outlet where you buy it.
  • Enter the quantity of product.
  • Finally, to add your product, click the yellow button.

The process is complete for your product registration.

Benefits of registering your Product with Zagg

After you register your product with Zagg. You will get the following benefits:

  • Online warranty replacement for your screen protector.
  • Online product registration is available.
  • You can track the shipment online.
  • You can manage your product history.
  • Get a proper update about your purchased order.

For more detail benefits and step by step procedure, you can visit Zagg Com Register.

Zagg Warranty Replacement

When your Zagg registration process is complete. You can claim a warranty replacement for your screen protector. There are some important replacement policies which you should consider before claiming a warranty replacement for your product.

Some important policies are:

  • Your product must be registered with
  • Zagg replacement warranty is available for InvisibleShield and Braven-brand products.
  • If you buy any Zagg product from a third-party vendor like eBay or Amazon. You can not claim the Zagg warranty for your product.

Steps to Claim Warranty Replacement

Zagg warranty replacement steps are very simple and easy to perform. Just follow the given steps here.

  1. Go to & create your account. If you already created an account just login it.
  2. Once you login to your account, you’ll see different options.
  3. Just go for a warranty replacement, you need to provide some details about your purchased product.
  4. Enter the date of your purchased order and you’ll see the invoice of your product.
  5. Verify your order and click the replacement option.
  6. Next, you need to provide your PayPal or debit card no.
  7. You will be charged a small amount of fee for the shipment of your order.

Addresses For Old Products

When your new product is delivered at your mailing address. You no longer require your old product. So you need to mail back your old product with 60 days. Here are the following addresses to send your old product from all over the world.

The USA Replacement Address

ZAGG Returns
Order # __________
6244 Technology Ave.
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009

Middle East, Europe, and African Address

ZAGG International
Replacement order #____________
103 Shannon Industrial Estate,
Shannon, County Clare, Ireland

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