WYD Meaning: What Does Wyd Mean?


WYD is an internet jargon, that is used on social media networking sites such as twitter, facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Using slang words during a conversation via social media becomes a trend, people are using the maximum acronyms in online text. If you have encountered this abbreviation and does not understand the WYD meaning, what does it stand for? Here in this article, you will know each and everything about it.

wyd meaning

Messenger, Watsapp, Facebook, and Snapchat are the most popular social media sites, you will face such acronyms on such sites and applications. People use such short terms for instant response to a message. Slangs used in the conversation has the same meaning as we use them in face to face conversation.

You will face thousands of such abbreviations on the internet such as LMK, ILY, AFAIK, and YH. The young generation is behind the invention of sich internet slangs. Well, If you have an account on any social media sites, then you must be aware of such short-term terms.

WYD Meaning

“What You Doing” or “What are You Doing” is the full form of WYD. WYD is a real-life question that people usually ask each other. If we see its full form, which is grammatically incorrect “What you doing,” “are” is missing in it, but still, people use it. Due to online chatting sites and apps, the English language is getting lazy. People not only modify the phrases in acronyms, but they also delete a few letters.

The meaning of the WYD is clear from its entire form or phrase. As discussed earlier that the synonym has the same meaning as we use it our normal life face to face conversation. So the same case is with the WYD.

WYD Originated From

WYD is a slang word that was first described in 2009. At the beginning of the talk, we use such an acronym in an online messaging network to know what the other person is currently engaged in. Many other slang words can be used as “What’s Up” instead. It can be used in the form of hashtags on social media sites.

Usage of acronyms instead of full-text or phrase becomes some sort of trend. The youngster uses such acronyms, even every day we face new slang words. So you should update yourself with slang words if you have an account on any social media networking site.

How WYD Is Used

WYD is kind of a stand-alone question that is usually used to start a conversation with someone, it is used in the same sense as we use in normal routine face-to-face communication. WYD is mostly used to collect information about someone’s current moment or what kind of activities that person is involved in at the moment.

Such terms can only be a part of an informal conversation, they can not be used in formal discourse.

Maybe you have seen WYD in hashtags or in some posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. In such cases, its use is part of a general statement rather than a question posed by someone directly.

WYD Meaning in Text

Mostly People start a conversation with this term or use it to gather information about what the next person is doing these days at the beginning of a conversation. When using this word in the message, it indicates that you are directly attached to the next user.

The sense of WYD in the text is the same as that used in face-to-face conversations in real-time. let’s make it more clear with the example.

First Friend: “WYD man?

Second Friend: “Nothing bro, I am free”

There are many other slang words text that can replace the WYD. Remember that maybe such short terms cause a misunderstanding due to its several meanings. So use minimum acronyms as possible in conversation. Few of them are listed below:

  • WYM – “What You Mean”
  • WYS  “What You Say”
  • WYO  “What You On”

Final Thoughts

WYD is a common slang on the internet, meaning “What You Doing” or “What Are You Doing.” It is used on social media networking sites and applications during the conversation. People use this acronym at the start of the conversation with someone, it has the same meaning as in real-life.

WYD is used to collect information about someone’s current situation or in which kind of activities that person is involved in at the moment. Slang terms are part of a conversation that is informal. Some people use WUD rather than WYD, which has the same meaning. So people use such terms these days and it becomes some kind of trend. So you should be aware of such terms.


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