WBU Meaning: What Does WBU Mean?


WBU is an acronym that is used on some social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and snapshot. Why do people use words like this? Such short terms are known as Internet slangs. Here, in this article you will find the WBU meaning and what does it stand for?

wbu meaning

Internet slangs are short forms of long phrases. People use such terms in their online conversations. They just use such abbreviations and instantly respond to a message. If you use any social media site, then you will thousands of such slang words.

Usage of Internet slang words is becoming some sort of trend. And Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are promoting this trend. The youth are behind this trend, they use such words. The number of slang words increasing day by day.

What Does WBU stand for?

The full form of WBU is “What about You?” During an online conversation with your friends, you may become familiar with this term. People use such terms in their online conversations. One thing that you should know about any slang word that is, it can be never a part of Formal Communication.

Another short term to use as an alternative to this jargon is “HBU,” which means “How About You.” On many social networking sites and online chat, these short terms are becoming very popular. There are many reasons for using such short terms, but the quick response is the most common one.

WBU Meaning

As we know that what does WBU stands for, now let’s have a quick look in the WBU meaning. It is used when you need to know the opinion of another person. For example, if one person asks “we are going to play football. What about You? ” to the second person. And the second person shares his opinion that whether he is going or not.

In simple words, if we want to know the thoughts, views or feelings of somebody about some argument, we use this expression. In different fields, these words have different meanings and can only be used in informal conversation.

WBU Meaning In Text

There are plenty of reasons to use slangs. While we use short terms in our online chatting, it means that instead of typing the full form of the word we just use its abbreviations, we are saving our time. Everyone is in a hurry and they want their message to be answered quickly.

The other reason is the character’s limitation on a few social networking sites. There are some social networking sites where you can write up to several specific characters, including Twitter. Where only 280 characters can be used, people use slang in such situations and save the character limit.

Can We Use WBU Formally?

For formal occasions like in interviews, you can never use WBU. Because its slang, stop using such short terms when having a formal conversation. During the conversation with your manager or someone who is in authority, you can not use the Internet slang. The use of Jargon with the next person depends on the level of frankness. So be careful when using slangs.

Alternative of WBU

You can replace “What About You” with the phrase “How About You, “both have the same meaning and they can be replaced with each other. “How about you” is HBU abbreviation. It could create a sound that is more casual than WBU.

In a different area, these short terms have many meanings. During the conversation, it can create confusion, so you should be careful when using these terms. Depending on the type of discussion, the definition of such short terms changes related field or area. Few of them are listed below:

  • Wild Birds Unlimited
  • Wayland Baptist University
  • Web-Based Utility
  • World Blind Union
  • World Boxing Union

Some Common Examples

To clarify this term, below are some examples that might help you more:


Friend 1: WE are going for the get-together. WBU?

Friend 2: Will be there

The first friend uses WBU in the above example to ask if the second friend wants to meet.


Friend 1: Do u really wanna go on a trip?

Friend 2: YUP,  wbu?

The second friend uses WBU in the above example to clarify if the first friend is coming or not.


Friend 1: I am going to get some food. wbu??

Friend 2: no man, thanks

Final Thoughts

WBU stands for What about You, used to chat with friends or relatives on online platforms. Most people use such terms in chat to answer a message quickly, they just type short terms instead of the full word. Such short terms can never be part of a conversation that is formal.

Everywhere you can’t use this word on the internet because it can cause confusion. The significance is different in some other areas. Instead of WBU, you can use HBU, both have the same meaning.


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