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These days, everyone has an account on a social media site. There are many social media networking sites and applications. And Even the number is increasing day by day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are the most popular on the list. You might face TBH on such sites. Well, What does it stands for and What is the TBH Meaning? You will get everything here.

tbh meaning

TBH is called an internet slang. These are used in a casual conversation over the internet via various social sites and applications. There are thousands of such abbreviations on the internet. It will be not wrong if I say that social media is full of such short terms.

We are in the era, in which you need to keep yourself updated with such terms, it will help you in better communication on the internet. Such words can only be apart of the informal conversation, avoid its usage in the Formal conversation.

What Does TBH Stand For?

TBH is the abbreviation of “To Be Honest.” This term is found mostly on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Many people on Facebook often used this word as they chatted with friends and families. This word is mostly used to make the other person free and closer. This word helps to describe your intentions while talking about something uncomfortable or arguably.

“To be honest” is a long-phrase and it is also time taking. On the other hand, TBH is a short term that looks stylish and easy to type in the message. TBH is a useful word to describe what you feel frank. There are no such other acronyms that help to define a controversial thing. This word is very famous among teenagers and adults.

TBH Meaning

As now we know that TBH stands for “To Be Honest”, let’s discuss the TBH meaning. It is an acronym, and all acronym have the same meanings as they have in the real-life conversation. We use this phrase in our regular communication when we tell something honestly or tell the truth.

We face tons of new words on the internet daily such as LMK, OFC, WBU etc. Social media site such as Facebook, Watsapp, Messenger and Instagram is the main source of such jargons. They are often used on such platforms. These jargons are now so common, and that’s why they are added to few dictionaries.

Tbh Meaning in Text

TBH was embraced by adults, predominantly teenagers on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, especially along the line, where it was used to seek someone’s attention. It has been used to request likes on Instagram, such as when used in a post that says “like a TBH” or responds like “Comment to my picture for a tbh.” As a consequence, tbh can be either positive or critical, depending on the context.

A mini-movement centred around TBH which enabled teenagers to share their truth and honest feelings or thoughts about an individual. When someone posts a picture and receives a message, “TBH, this is an amazing picture of you!” The intention is to be respected.

Alternative Of TBH

Perhaps due to the increased understanding of cyberbullying, as of mid-2018, TBH dropped out of the top 50 popular Internet slang words. There are many acronyms like TBH on the internet, that can replace this jargon. Few popular alternatives of TBH are mentioned below:

  • TBTH: “To be totally honest.”
  • MHO: “My honest opinion.”
  • TBCH: “To be completely honest.”
  • JBH: “Just being honest.”
  • IIH: “If I’m honest.”
  • 2BH: “To be honest.”
  • IMAHO: “In my absolutely honest opinion.”

Is TBH Formal Way Of Texting?

As we know that, TBH is jargon, and any kind of jargon can never be part of a formal conversation, So TBH can’t be used informal communication. If referring to your boss or someone who is connected to you because of your office work, you can not use an acronym or abbreviation.

You can use such short terms when communicating with friends or with whom you are frank. So avoid using slang words while in a conversation talking to a person in authority. The sense of LMK varies from one region to another, so it can lead to miscommunication or misunderstanding when using internet slang. So it is highly recommended to avoid the slangs in such situations.

  • TBH– Top Bar Hive (beehives)
  • TBH– Teddy Bear Hospital (project)
  • TBH– Total-Body Hyperthermia
  • TBH– Toroidal Black Hole
  • TBH– To Be Hired


First Friend: How can we take in all these refugees? Our country can hardly take care of its population now.

Second Friend: Tbh, our society is good for refugees. We could use more staff, and we have to get out of bronze-age thinking.

Final Thoughts

TBH is considered jargon. These are used on the various social media sites and applications in a casual conversation over the internet. Thousands of such abbreviations are available on the internet. When I say social media is full of such short terms, it won’t be wrong.

TBH stands for “To Be Honest”. Now those days are gone when you want to make somebody believe by saying the full tbh form. But now some changes have been made by the youth. They used the short form of it, though, which is very easy to say and it’s cooler.

It is cool to use such terms in conversation, and a person can easily give a quick response to a message. But remember that it can never be used in Formal conversation.  And also avoid its too much usage because as know, it’s meaning vary with the field. So keep all these things in mind before using acronyms in conversation.



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