Kroger Supermarket is providing an online platform for its customers to share their visiting experience and take part in the Kroger Feedback Survey and get a chance to win Kroger Fuel Points & Kroger Digital Coupons and Kroger Feedback Gift Cards.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Are you willing to take part in the survey and win the free offers on different Kroger Services? This survey would not take much time to complete.  Your feedback is very important for the company that helps the company to improve its services and gives you better services and good experience on your next visit.

Kroger Feedback Survey Requirements

Kroger feedback survey needs some requirements, you need to fulfill those requirements to complete Kroger Survey at (

Kroger Survey

  • You need to visit their official website at and for this purpose, you need some laptops or mobile devices with a fast internet connection.
  • You need to purchase a recipe from Kroger Supermarket with a survey invitation on it and your survey receipt should not be older than 7 days because after 7 days your survey receipt code will be outdated and you cannot use it to perform the survey.
  • The Kroger feedback survey is available in two different languages English and Spanish. To perform the survey you must be able to understand either English or Spanish Language.
  • To perform the survey you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You need to have a legal residency in any state of the United States of America.
  • Some simple questions would be asked to you and it would take 10 to 12 minutes to complete the survey.
  • Keep in mind your last visit to the Kroger Supermarket and answer all the questions.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kroger offers different gift cards for the winners of survey sweepstakes like Fuel Points and Digital Coupons etc. you need to visit their official site to take part in the survey. In this survey, you will be provided a step by step guide that will guide you, how to complete the survey.

Kroger Feedback-Text Guide

  • The official website of Kroger feedback is Use your survey code that is given on your survey Receipt enter the information given on your receipt.
  • Provide the Date, Time when you visit the Supermarket & Entry ID mentioned on your given receipt.
  • Further, you’re appealed to answer some of the necessary questions.
  • First, you’re required to answer your interest during your recent visit.
  • Next, you would be asked to rate your satisfaction with the overall experience at Kroger.
  • Next, you’re requested to rate for store food.
  • Then, you would be asked about the availability of the food you ordered.
  • Answer some more queries keep in mind your last visiting experience.
  • Then, you’ve requested to precisely state your contentment about Kroger services.
  • Further, you’re requested to state yes/no if you had experienced any problem during your visit.
  • Customer’s feedback is very important for the company services and quality, you can give your feedback related to other departments of Kroger.
  • After answering some questions, when your survey is completed you need to enter your personal information your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and some basic information about you.
  • Finally, your survey is completed, Congratulations!
  • You will be given a free Kroger Coupon code which you can use next visit to the Kroger Store.

Kroger Company Information

Kroger is one of the best grocery stores in the world, the main focus of the company is to satisfy the customer’s needs and to give the best quality services at a very low price.

Barney Kroger is the person who started this company, he started the first Kroger Store in 1883 and now Kroger owns more than 2600 stores in 34 states.

Kroger Contact Details

Kroger Super Market, Rolla, MO:  +1 573-364-2721 (Open until 12:00 am)

Kroger Grocery Store, Kingwoods, TX:  +1 281-318-1194 (Open until 1:00 am)

Kroger Grocery Store, Athens, GA: +1 706-715-3738 (Open until 1:00 am)

I hope this post will help you to perform Kroger Feedback Survey. If you have any queries related to the Kroger survey you can ask in the comments below and visit the official site at (

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