Taco Bell, a multinational restaurant and fast food company, has created a TellTheBell Survey. Customers at www.tellthebell.com are rewarded for their positive feedback on the services they use.
So, if you go to Taco Bell this week and get the receipt, you may have a good day and be one of the survey winners. You’ll learn how to make your Taco Bell visit a bit more effective by participating in the TellTheBell survey.

When a client fills out a Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey, they are placed in a queue to receive incentives. People pick a random individual for USD 500 after a while.

They just value the company’s monopoly, whereas TellTheBell.com always puts its customers first. Taco Bell’s primary company is also excellent! Except with China, it has Brands everywhere.

Taco Bell is a popular fast-food chain. By using TellTheBell to share your opinion, you can earn USD 500 in cash.

What is the TellTheBell Customer Feedback Survey and How Do I Take It?

Have you heard the phrase “FREE TACO”? Or how about USD 500 in prizes? It isn’t in your dreams, to be sure. Taco Bell is a well-known fast-food chain that appreciates and rewards its loyal consumers. Tacos are their signature meal, but they also provide nachos, burritos, and a variety of other dishes.

  • www.tellthebell.com is the official website.
  • Enter your 16-digit survey code now.
  • Select “Start” from the drop-down menu.
  • Please complete the Tell The Bell Survey by answering all of the questions.

You’ll get a discount code at the conclusion of the survey that you may use at any Taco Bell location.

On the official TellTheBell website, if you live in the United States of America, you are eligible for the survey and their exclusive US-only rewards programme.

TellTheBell Survey assists you in conducting a survey in which customers provide feedback to the business. Anyone can win the prize if they complete the survey.

Official Name






United States


English, Spanish


Rules & Rules of TellTheBell Survey

The correct application of rules is needed by every company and everything, and so is TellTheBell, if there are specific rules, the system will work well.

Some rules for this research method must therefore be respected. This survey is not available for everyone, since it is only for persons who are serious. They have therefore developed a number of requirements for the TellTheBell method.

  • You must be an American citizen and a national of one of the 50 countries.
  • It should be over 18 years old for the participant. They believe that this criterion will increase the gravity of the poll because it only involves adults.
  • You need to have adequate English and Spanish expertise. This information is important since only in these languages is the survey done.
  • This survey is not attended by current employees and their loved ones. This might impact the company’s image and make obtaining permits harder.
  • The most critical thing that we need is the customer’s payment receipt. They do not enable him to take the survey if he does not have the receipt. It is highly severe in regard to rules.

These are several fundamental principles and standards that we need to follow when we examine Taco Bell. When a person fails to comply with the rules and regulations, he cannot complete the process. They strictly comply with the guidelines.

TellTheBell Survey Requirements

You must fulfil the following conditions to participate in the TellTheBell survey and receive USD 500:

  • Save your Taco Bell visit receipt.
  • The receipt shall include a search code of 16 digits.
  • Within 2 days after your visit, the survey should be completed.
  • An Internet-connected device that is stable for search completion.
  • If you don’t have a search code, save the number, date and time.

About Taco Bell

Glenn Bell’s Taco Bell was created. He founded a hot dog stand in 1946 when he was only twenty-three years old and named it Bell’s Drive.

After that, he managed many restaurants and founded the first Taco Bell in California in 1962. In 1970, a total of 325 restaurants were launched at Taco Bell. In 1978, PepsiCo purchased and now manages Tacos Bell from Glenn Bell.

Currently, in various nations throughout the world, there are 7000 Taco Bell outlets. The restaurant offers Tex-Mex food (Texan and Mexican fusion). Tacos are a major attraction. Taco Bell is happy to serve annually over two million customers.

What Reward The Customer Will Get From Tell The Bell Survey?

The winner of the survey will get a cash prize of $500 and four lucky winners will be selected during each sweepstakes entry period after completing their survey.

How To Enter Tell The Bell Customer Survey Using Quick Guide?

You need to visit tellthebell.com. After this step, you must enter the 16 digit code mentioned on your receipt.


Just visit the survey page at www.tellthebell.com. After opening this URL you will be asked three questions.

  1. Store Number.
  2. Date.
  3. Time.

After giving the entire information required to click the start button and your tellthebell survey will start.

All these three things will be mentioned on your receipt. When you have provided them with this entire information click the continue button & move to the next step.

Questions Asked In Tell The Bell Survey

Questions No. 1

In the first phase, you have to rate the overall satisfaction regarding your experience at the taco bell restaurant. After this click the next button.

Questions No. 2

In the second phase, different questions will be asked regarding the quality of food and services are given to you at taco bell.

  • Appearances of the food
  • Clean Environment
  • Speed of Service
  • The portion size of your order
  • Accuracy of order
  • Friendliness of team members

Questions No. 3

The third question is a bit creative and you can reply according to your personal experience. After providing your satisfaction respectively move forward towards the next option.

Questions No. 4

The fourth question is based on your satisfaction. They will ask you the reasons for our being less than satisfied with the portion size.

  • Food was not according to the advertisement
  • Fewer toppings
  • Not enough beef or chicken
  • Not enough Cheese

Questions No. 5

The fifth question is based on the reasons for our being less than satisfied with the appearance of our food.

  • Food not according to the advertisement
  • Too dry or greasy ingredients
  • Messy outlook
  • Cracked taco shell

Questions No. 6

Question 6 is more related to the environment and of the restaurant. They will ask you the reasons for our less than satisfied impact regarding the interior cleanliness.

  • Trash cans were overflowing
  • Rough tables or chairs
  • A floor full of dust
  • Dirty restrooms

After clicking the next several questions will come in front of you regarding menu items & food quality in the restaurant.

Answer all the questions honestly and move to the next button.

Questions No. 7

The next question is regarding your residence. You need to prove you have legal residence in the US.

Questions No. 8

In this question, provide the personal information one by one.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number

Best of luck with your survey in case you have any queries you can directly contact Taco Bell. The numbers and addresses are mentioned at the end of this article.

Taco Bell Customer Services Center

Taco Bell customer service please call 1-800-822-6235 (U.S) (store number)

Tell The Bell

Their Headquarters Address: 1 Glen Bell Way Irvine, CA 92618

Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-949-863-4500 (Tellthebell complain centre)

I hope you got full & clear information about the Tell The Bell Survey. For more queries, you can visit their official website here.

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