Wendys Survey at talktowendys.com. Are you interested to win free spicy chicken burger from Wendys? Yes! then visit Wendy’s survey portal at talktowendys.com. There are a few rules mention here for the survey.

You need to follow these rules to take part in the survey. Your honest feedback is very valuable for the company. If you find any issue during your visit to the restaurant. You can share it in your feedback.


Wendy’s is a popular fast-food chain in the United States. The most popular food dishes are Hamburgers, Chicken, Fresh-Made Salads, Fries, Bakery, Wendy’s Kids Meal, Meals Deals, and Breakfast.

Wendys Survey at Talktowendys.com

If you are a fast-food lover then you should visit this place sometime. You can also visit the official website of Wendys Restaurant at www.wendys.com. And not only that you can also buy your favorite food from their website or you can also use the app.

So Now Lets Jump into the Wendys Survey. In this survey guide, you will be provided with the following information, tricks, and steps to take your Wendys Survey.

It is very simple just follow the guideline and you are good to go.

Wendys Survey

Talktowendys or Wendy’s survey all these terms refer to one thing! and that is the customer satisfaction survey. Share your visiting experience with the Wendys Restaurant & win a BOGO spicy chicken or Dave’s sandwich for free.

Rewards you Get From Wendys Survey

Finally when your Talktowendys Survey is complete. At the end of the survey, you will be rewarded with a Redemption Code. Whenever you visit the Wendys Restaurant next time. Bring that code with you and you will get a free BOGO spicy chicken or Dave’s sandwich from the restaurant.

How to Complete Talk to Wendy’s Survey?

Before we get into the detailed procedure, let’s just figure out some important facts about Wendy’s Survey. As we know there are some rules and restrictions, you need to follow if you want to complete your survey easily.

Rules & Requirements For Talktowendys Survey

These are some common but important rules and requirements you need to fulfill in order to complete your survey.

  • Need a Computer System

The first thing you need is to take part in a laptop, a computer or a mobile phone. You need you to perform this survey online. So, you need a computer system for Wendy’s survey.

  • Need an Internet Connection

As you know, this is an online survey. So, you need a fast internet connection to join the survey.

  • Need a Valid Survey Receipt

A survey receipt is key to participate in the survey. Make sure to have a valid purchase receipt. The survey code is on your purchase receipt. Each survey receipt is valid for a limited time.

  • Understand the English Language

To join the survey you must understand the English or Spanish language. Even if you’re not very good at English at least you should know the basics to understand it.

  • Need Valid Residency

Talktowendys survey is only available for the people of the United States. So if you want to perform this survey. You need a legal residency in the United States of America.

  • Restriction For Employees

If you’re an employee in Wendy’s Restaurant. You can not take part in the survey. Not even your family members of relatives. Maybe your relatives are allowed to participate but as far as the concern about your family. They are strictly not allowed to participate in the survey.

Wendys Survey Step By Step Guide

  • Visit the official survey website at www.talktowendys.com.
  • You can choose the preferred language for you either English or Spanish.
  • Next, you need to enter the restaurant number from your receipt.
  • Provide the date you visit the restaurant.
  • All these details have been provided. Now click next to proceed to the new page.


  • Give your sincere feedback about the presented food & services in the restaurant.
  • Evaluate the overall services of the restaurant.
  • Evaluate the cleanliness in the restaurant.
  • Is the food was fresh & how long it take to present your order?
  • Did the waiters serv you in a mannerable way or not?


  • After providing all these details you need to enter your personal information.
  • Enter your first name, last name, your email address, and your phone number.
  • Your mailing address may also require to verify your residency.
  • When your survey is complete. you will receive a validation code.
  • Bring this validation code with you to any nearer Wendy’s Restaurant and get your free spicy chicken burger.

About Wendy’s Restaurant

Wendy’s is a major US fast-food restaurant chain. Established in Columbia, Ohio, by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969. On 29 January 2006, Headquarters of the company moved to Dublin, Ohio.

Wendy’s Contact Us

If you want to share your feedback with the Restaurant Authorities you can share it on there Contact Us page.

Wendy's Contact Us

Address: Wendy’s TA Lebo, KS, USA
Phone No: +1 620-256-6671
Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM
Address: Wendy’s Davenport, FL, USA
Phone No: +1 863-424-0203
Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM


I hope you like my post about Wendy’s Survey. And I’m sure after this Complete and detailed Survey Guide you are able to perform your Survey at www.talktowendys.com.

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