Analyzing Social Media Trends for Keyword Research

Analyzing Social Media trends is way more instead of just scheduling social media updates. You can create an effective social media strategy only if you know what your audience needs and What are they searching for or want to know? 

To understand your audience’s needs you have to analyze social media trends. Understanding and analyzing social media trends not only help you in creating an effective strategy but it also gives you new keyword ideas to target.

Analyzing Social Media Trends for Keyword Research

You can say social media analyzing help you to improve the overall digital marketing approach. Understanding social media trends help you to improve in the following two areas.

Importance of Analyzing Social Media Trends

The given below are the advantages of analyzing social media trends.

Know your Audience: Knowing your audience helps your social media team to create a post in such a way that it fulfills the need of all users. As a result of this, your brand awareness increases among customers.

New keyword ideas: Analyzing your niche related social media helps your team to identify new keyword ideas. Your social media team can angle their updates according to new keywords to gain maximum possible exposure. As a result of this, your content will have better engagement, wider reach, and more leads.

To analyze current trends in social media we use different tools. By using these tools you can get new keyword ideas to target and know your audience. So how to do keyword research through social media?

Well, keyword research through social media is pretty easy. You just need to understand different tools and the purpose of each tool. 

2019 Best tools to analyze social media trends

Following is the list of best social media analyzing tools that every digital manager should know about.


BuzzSumo is a perfect tool for social media research and monitoring. This tool helps you to identify competitor’s strategies and even gives you new keyword ideas for your content.

You can also find a question analyzer option on this tool. Through analyzer option, content managers can find more popular niche-related questions which they can cover.

Analyzing Social Media Trends for Keyword Research

You can also find out the most shared content on social media channels. You simply need to enter the domain name in the search box to find social media content shares.


Keyhole is the best tool for monitoring Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook hashtags. With this tool, you can analyze campaigns in real-time and find new ideas to create engaging content.

tools to analyze social media trends

Through this tool, you can even track twitter chats. This tool shows you the sources by location and demographics which is helpful to identify your brand’s reach.

However, this tool is subscription-based and you have to pay for it if you want to use it. If you need to track down all hashtags on social media platform then try this tool.


Cyfe is all in one business platform, you can create your customized widgets in this tool. You can integrate Twitter and Google analytics together through this tool to analyze social media trends for new keyword ideas.

social media keyword strategy

You can also keep track of the keywords which you are not targeting currently. This tool is very easy to use. However, you have to pay $19 per month to use this tool.

Analyzing Social Media Trends For Keyword Research

Now let us look, how to analyze social media platforms manually such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to conduct keyword research.


You can analyze and research new keyword ideas on Facebook by just analyzing these given below place.

  1.     You need to look at the Audience insight into the Facebook ads area.
  2.     Then look at the suggested keywords
  3.     At last, Facebook insights on your page.


To view the current trends on twitter you need to understand the following things.

  • Twitter’s analytics helps you to see the most trending keyword.

twitter keyword research

  • The keyword data of Twitter depends upon the audience data.
  • If you want to analyze specific terms on twitter then you have to write it in the quotation marks in the search box.


On Instagram, hashtags serve as keywords. To search for data on Instagram I recommend you to follow this keyword search method.

  •  You can target many keywords in a single post by using hashtags.
  • To find new keywords you can use keyword research tools along with Instagram’s internal search engine function.


Pinterest is a unique social media platform and it depends on the user-generated content. Mostly User of Pinterest come to buy or learn something. There are many ways to learn keyword research on Pinterest to analyze social media data.

keywords for Pinterest

  • You can use the Pinterest quick search box. Type in the search box and the most famous phrases appear in the drop-down list. Through this list, you can get an idea of new keywords to target.
  • When someone searches on the Pinterest search box then guides are created. These guides contain the keywords which are most commonly searched by people.

How to identify trending social media topics?

If you want to be a leader of your industry then you need to keep yourself up to date about the latest industry trends. The first step to identify a trending topic on social media is to listen to the needs of consumers, opinion leaders, and industry experts.

Once you identify the source of information. Then it is very important to identify the main idea because it will help you to find out the growing trend. Given below is some best practice I use myself to find the trending topics.

Best practices to find a trending topic

  • Identify topics that are commonly discussed related to services, market products, and technologies.
  • Then segment the topic according to the strength of the trend (Weak, growing, unexpected, declining)
  • Use tools to analyze social media and create a report containing the percentage of growth or declining
  • Figure out sentiment attachment with the trending topic
  • Then use social media analyzing tools like Buzz Sumo to find out which channels and geographic areas are talking about this topic.

I hope you like my post about Analyzing Social Media Trends for Keyword Research. You can share your thoughts here. Thanks!