At the beginning of the era of the “SMH” word was very strange as many people don’t know the meaning. You can always find it in chat rooms and on the website of different social media platform. The major and the most important question that comes to mind is what does SMH Mean? Who got it, and how do you use it?

What Does SMH Mean?

SMH is an internet word that stands for “shake my head” or “shaking my head.” It expresses anger or disbelief because of the absurdity.
SMH is used in any situation where you can shake your head in real life, as you would imagine. If you overheard someone saying, I’d probably blink and shock your head a few times, “I’m not using laundry detergent” at the food store. In somehow, deep down, we you in the sense of slag words.

What does SMH Mean in Text?

SMH is not always used alone, it’s not to say. SMH’s seemed to be supported by an opinion such as ‘SMH you’re bonkers’ or ‘SMH people don’t know how to use a speed stick.’
In short, SMH is a very simple initialize. All in all. However, from where did it come, and how can you correctly use it?
(And some people say the SMH means “so much hatred”. The Bizzaro significance of SMH is like this. We won’t say ‘too much hatred’ is wrong, but it isn’t the meaning most people equate with SMH, so you shouldn’t use it for this as well).