OFC Meaning: What Does OFC Mean?


OFC is is a kind of internet jargon. These days on social media networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, you will face many strange short terms like this. These slang words are part of informal language. Many people didn’t know the full form of this short term, if you are one of them, don’t feel bad. Here, in this article, you will find ofc meaning, what does it stand for?

ofc meaning


We all know that slang words are used on the internet religiously. These short terms are used in the conversation or chatting. These abbreviations are also known as internet slangs, and many slangs are used on social media such as AFAIK, LMK, etc.

The young generation uses such abbreviations to respond to a message instantly or to update the status. OFC is the Internet slang word used on many social media sites and applications. On social media, thousands of such abbreviations are circulating.

OFC Meaning

OFC is an acronym for “OfCourse.” During the conversation with their friends and family members, people use this short form. It is used in the same way as we use the full form “OfCourse” in a regular routine speech. Some several short terms or words are quite popular in online conversation, the use of such slang words in conversation is now widespread, people these days just use the abbreviation instead of the full word.

On the internet, you’ll see thousands of new words like OFC and even teens every day come up with new slang words. Many dictionaries are now adding such short terms because of the prominence of these words. People use these words to quickly respond to a message.

What Does OFC stand for?

OFC stands for “Of-Course” which is an internet slang, which is used during an online conversation with someone. OfCourse is a full form of OFC, which is a friendly way to allow anyone, like “Can I borrow your pen?” You respond, ‘ Of Course’. Simply put, whether we agree or disagree with someone, we use it.

Its meaning differs from one field to another. Because of its clear implications in different areas, it can cause confusion or misunderstanding between two people. OFC also has many other meanings, such as OFC’s other meaning is “Of Fucking Course,” that is also used by people during texting on social media post.

Why we use OFC?

Why are we using OFC instead of the full “Of Course” term? Such slang words are frequently used during online chatting, as mentioned above, to save time in typing the entire word, people simply just type its abbreviation and give a quick answer to a message.


Also, the reason for using such short words is the character limit on some social media platforms such as Twitter. There are also many other acronyms that you can use in its place such as OBV, that is an abbreviation of Obviously.

How OFC Can be Used?

OFC can be used at the beginning or end of a sentence or can be apart of the middle of a sentence. It is used as an answer to a question, or it can be used as an expression of agreement.

Is the OFC Formal Method of texting?

Well, Using OFC is not a formal way of texting, because it is slang and you can never use any internet slang while chatting to your supervisor, customer or someone related to you due to your office work.

You can use it only when you send a message to your mate. Using OFC depends on the level of frankness, so be vigilant while speaking to someone in authority, whether you’re communicating face-to-face or texting.

What does OFC Means in other Fields?

OFC can also be used during the conversation in some other sectors. Slang’s definition depends on the type of interaction you’re doing, which area is connected to. It has different meanings concerning its various fields.

Below is the list of terms that are the full form of OFC:

Medical Field:

  • OccipitoFrontal head Circumference
  • OroFacial Cleftibg
  • Olanzapine-Fluoxetine Combination
  • Optical Flow Constraint
  • Orbito Frontal Cortex
  • Orbital Frontal Cortex
  • Osteitis fibrosa Cystic

Business Field:

  • Open Financial Connectivity
  • Omni Flow Computers
  • Optional Federal Charter
  • Offshore Financial Center

Networking Field:

  • Optical Fiber Communications
  • Oxygen-Free Cable

Some Common Examples Of OFC


See how OFC is used in conversation between two friends in the example below.

Friend # 1: “Hey, Are you going to tomorrow’s Farewell party?”

Friend #2: “Ofc”

In the example above, Friend # 1 asks a question from Friend # 2. Friend # 2 answers with OFC instead of merely answering yes.


Friend # 1: “How was the party last night! Was that rocking?”

Friend # 2: “OFC, you missed it, it was rolling!”

Friend # 1 asks about last night’s party in the above example, Friend # 2 explains and uses a short word to express his previous night’s feeling.


There are, OFC, significant hurdles to overcome.

Quick Wrap-up

OFC Stand for “of course” it can never be part of a formal discussion, it is used in an online conversation. People use this type of word instead of typing a full word to give a quick answer. You should be aware of such short terms because the use of internet slang in daily conversation is now famous.

The reason for its use is a lack of time, and the limitations of words on some social networking sites such as Twitter, where word limitation is nearly 33 and character limitation is 280, so you can use short terms to express the message in such areas.

If such short terms are used in a conversation where the degree of the attitude of two persons is different (job perspective), misunderstanding may be created. So ofc meaning varies to field therefore, consider using as fewer as possible during your conversation.



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