Lawyers are expected to uphold the law and defend clients who seek justice. Good lawyers promote businesses, protect the rights of individuals, and support the community.

But some lawyers use their knowledge to take advantage of people and do bad things. Although this doesn’t happen often, bad lawyers exist and are a bane to society. Here are two notorious lawyers who committed crimes and thought they could get away with them.

The lawyer who billed his client for sex

Thomas P. Lowe, a divorce lawyer in the City of Eagan, Minnesota, was a married man. So was his client and long-time acquaintance who asked Lowe to represent her in a divorce.

The two were friends since 1985 and there was nothing strange about that. But when Lowe agreed to help his client, he asked her if she was interested in having sex, The HuffPost said the two had an affair which was against the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers.

What’s odd is that Lowe continued to treat the woman as a client. After sex, Lowe would bill the woman for his time and labelled his bedroom services as “meetings” or “drafting memos.”

In March 2012, Lowe’s wife learned of the affair. Lowe ended the whole thing and withdrew as the woman’s attorney. But he also sent her a bill. The woman attempted suicide because of this.

When the Minnesota Supreme Court got hold of Lowe’s misconduct, it revoked his license for 15 months. It ruled that Lowe could apply to be reinstated if he took the bar exam again.

This was not the first time Lowe got into trouble. In 1997, HuffPost said Lowe was put on probation for using cocaine which he bought from a client.

The lawyer who specialized in ‘pro boner’ assistance

Lawyers from Deo Volente (DV) Solicitors in Bedford, UK, regularly do pro bono work for clients with little or no income who need legal assistance. This is their way of helping people.  But one erring lawyer from Georgia specialized in “pro boner” work.

Michael Stuart Winner, a criminal defence attorney in Georgia, made headlines in 2012 for offering female inmates prohibited items and legal services for sex.

The Marietta Daily Journal and Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Winner provided prescription drugs, tobacco, and represented the inmates at the Cobb County Jail when they exposed their breasts. This took place in private attorney-client rooms.

Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren said that the inmates also promised Winner sex once they got out of jail. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution added that Winner also exposed himself to one inmate.

The winner denied the charges and said he was simply flirting with inmates which are not illegal. His license was suspended for professional misconduct.

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