Sepsis is a highly critical medical condition associated with a viral infection. It is the body’s response to an infection, also known as ‘septicaemia,’ in the medical industry. According to research conducted by UK Sepsis Trust, sepsis affects around 250,000 people in the world every year. Furthermore, an estimated 52,000 death casualties happen due to sepsis per year.

In the majority of cases, infections ending up to sepsis commonly starts in the following areas:

  • Lungs
  • Urinary Tract
  • Skin
  • Gastrointestinal tract

If sepsis is not diagnosed in the early period, it could lead to fatal consequences. The major areas of damage under sepsis include tissue damage, organ failure. While in some cases, it might end up leading to the unfortunate death of a victim.

What is a Sepsis Claim?

In daily life, people can become victims of incidents leading to Sepsis. If you believe that, you have also become a victim of such a medical condition due to medical negligence. You have a right to proceed with the sepsis claim.

Some people are strong enough to support their medical expenses with their financial backups. But, an individual who doesn’t have complete financial support can file a sepsis compensation claim against the responsible parties.

What is a Sepsis Compensation Claim?

There is no substitute for your pain & suffering due to the medical condition aroused from professional medical negligence. However, the sepsis compensation claims give you the favour of countering the responsible authorities. If you believe that your medical condition has been provoked because of unattended care, or inappropriate dosage. As per law, you are legally entitled to file a sepsis compensation claim.

How can DV Solicitors help you with a Sepsis Compensation Claim?

DV Solicitors is a renowned legal service provider with professional solicitors and lawyers. Over the years, DV Solicitors has been helping clients and individuals with legal assistance. DV Solicitors is highly specialized in dealing with medical negligence claims. When you approach us for legal services regarding sepsis compensation claims, our experts review your cases with priority. After a detailed analysis of facts and figures, our professional team of solicitors shares quality feedback associated with your claim. We are ready to walk the extra mile with our clients, and that’s what makes us the best out there.

Who can become a victim of Sepsis?

You can never be sure about the future. Medical conditions could originate and accelerate in no time. However, people with a high risk of sepsis include the following:

  • Weak immune/defence system
  • Severe illness or critical medical condition
  • Infants & younger children
  • Aged/Senior people
  • Recently had surgeries or injuries

As there are many cases, where people fighting cancer recover and start a happy life afterwards. But the key aspect to all the medical conditions is dependent on the fact: “Prevention is always better than the cure!”

What are the common symptoms of sepsis?

If you have been experiencing the following symptoms, you may need to consult with your medical professional at the earliest.

  • Difficulty in speech– you may also experience dizziness, fainting, disorientation, or a chaotic state.
  • Intense shivering– you may feel a state of severe fever & severe cold
  • Muscle pain– the victim may feel the condition of flu
  • Extreme breathlessness– you may feel trouble in breathing, mostly feel like a chest infection
  • An inappropriate feeling of gastroenteritis– the patient might suffer from diarrhoea, vomiting, and nausea.

It is never too late to consult a medical specialist, even if you have the slightest exposure to symptoms.

How does sepsis turn into a medical negligence claim?

If there is any delay in the diagnosis or medical care, it could cost a victim lifetime damages. If you believe that there has been an unconditional delay in the diagnosis or misconduct in the treatment facilities. You can claim for sepsis misdiagnosis claims.

For the case of sepsis, immediate action is the most compulsory part. As per UK Sepsis Trust, it is found out that the patients have an increased probability of survival. The chances of survival are around 80% if the sepsis is diagnosed in the early period. Therefore, all the facts are dependent on the appropriate diagnosis & treatment.

In general, these types of mistakes fall under the sepsis misdiagnosis claims.

  •  Misdiagnosis: If your general physician or medical specialist failed to diagnose sepsis.
  • Delayed Diagnosis: Any shape of unconditional delays in the medical treatment could eventually lead to enhanced sepsis.
  • Mistakes in Test Analysis: If the concerned/desired test has been neglected to detect sepsis.
  • Mistakes in Prescription: If you have been provided with inappropriate medication. Such medication did not prove to be effective for the remedy for sepsis.

It doesn’t matter how complicated your situation has become; you can always consult with DV Solicitors for an expert opinion concerning sepsis compensation claims.

Can you claim for someone who passed away due to sepsis?

If you believe that your loved one is dead due to a delay in the diagnosis or inappropriate health care leading to sepsis. You can always reach out to our best sepsis compensation claim solicitors for consultation. Our experts will advise you after a detailed review of your case.

In such situations, you may be entitled to a “No Win-No Fee” agreement. The prime benefit of such an agreement is that you will pay only when you win the sepsis compensation claim.

How much time do you have to make a sepsis compensation claim?

If you believe that you have the right to make a claim, it’s best to consult with DV Solicitors right away. As there is a time limitation on making a sepsis compensation claim. Although, these limitations may vary based on regions or geographical locations. But generally, the time is specified for a sepsis compensation claim is three years at most. The time starts from the date that you have become aware of the misdiagnosis or the incident.

We understand your situation and suffering and are ready to fight for you. Reach out to us for expert consultation and we will help you fight for your sepsis compensation claim till the last step.