Accidents can happen anywhere with anyone. But injuries such as brain injuries can have a devastating effect on individuals & families. If any person- you have loved has become a victim of brain injury due to medical negligence. DV Solicitors has an expert team of brain injury claims solicitors to support you with rightful compensation.

What are Brain Injury Claims?

If your loved ones have experienced a brain injury due to the negligence of medical professionals. It can be disturbing and have adverse effects on the lives of victims and people associated with them. In a case like that, you deserve the appropriate brain injury compensation claims for your loss. If you are the victim, you deserve the right compensation for injury to move ahead in your life.

What are the common aspects leading to brain injury?

Several mistakes could lead to brain injury, for example, delayed diagnosis or during surgical treatment of the brain. We have gathered a few common mistakes that end up leading to lethal brain injuries.

  • Delayed diagnosis & human error
  • Unprofessional expertise during childbirth
  • Surgical mistakes during the operation
  • Contagious infections
  • Error in prescribing medicines
  • Anoxia (deficiency in oxygen levels)

How to manage financial payments before the settlement of a brain injury case?

Our priority is to get Interim payments (usually delivered before your case concludes) for our clients. Financial support through interim payments can be useful for the victims of brain injuries. As they can therefore proceed for private treatment, rehabilitation, and assisting in financial support. We have to assure that you make the most out of brain injury compensation claims. Our expert brain injury lawyer at DV aims to secure interim payments at the earliest for the convenience of our clients.

How much does it cost for a brain injury claim?

That’s the best part, as we offer a “No Win- No Fee” agreement. In this case, you will not pay if you lose your case. That leaves you with no financial risk at all, as you have to pay only after winning the case. On the contrary, there are cases where a conditional fee agreement comes into place. We fight for you on the front line, so you can receive the right compensation for injury.

What is the maximum compensation for brain injury claims?

The compensation of the claim differs based on the nature of the case. As the severity and complexity of the case define the impact on the victim’s life and are therefore compensated accordingly. In addition, you can also claim for any loss resulting in a response to the brain injury. Not only that but also for long-term rehabilitation & care along with the required modifications in the lifestyle of the affected individuals.

At DV Solicitors, we understand your pain and suffering. Therefore, our brain injury lawyers are ready to even walk the extra mile to help you get what you rightfully deserve. Our experts ensure that the compensation claim covers the appropriate financial coverage to support you with the best quality of life (including future treatment & care costs). Fair compensation for an injury can be quite beneficial for the victim to proceed with a quality life in the future.

How much time do you have to make a brain injury claim?

If you believe that you have the right claim, it is highly essential to consult a medical negligence lawyer at the earliest. The time limit to make a brain injury claim varies for England, Scotland and Wales.

The standard time to make an injury claim is three years, starting from the date of medical negligence or when it came to your knowledge. However, there are exceptions based on the nature and circumstantial situation of the case.

Why should you choose DV Solicitors brain injury solicitors?

When you choose DV Solicitors for your brain injury claims, your case is handled through experienced professionals. We have proficient brain injury lawyers with over years of experience in managing brain injury claims. And therefore, we handle your case with intensive care and due diligence.

Reach us to book a free consultation and let us help you understand whether you are eligible for a brain injury claim.