Zagg provides the best screen protectors for Android mobiles & iPhones. It is not only known for its best screen protectors but also for some other electronic devices. To register your product with just follow the step by step guide.

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How do I register my Zagg Product? – ZAGG Care

1st Step:

You need to visit the website. Provide your email address and press the continue button.

2nd Step:

Now you have to fill out a registration form in which you need to provide your username. And also need to select a password for your account.

3rd Step:

You may need to verify your email account. will send a verification link to your email address. You need to open this link from your email to verify your account.

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4th Step:

After your account is verified, your Zagg dashboard will be open. Now select the option of “Register A Product”. Another tab will be open. You need to select the category of your product.

Provide the purchased date and quantity information.

5th Step:

After you provide all the information related to your product. You can press the yellow button to register your product.

So, this is how you can register your product with For a more detailed and step by step procedure, you can visit

Zagg provides the best screen protectors for Android mobiles & iPhones. Zagg is not only known for its best screen protectors but also for some other electronic devices.

Zagg Company also provides the best screen protector for iPad, tablets and other smartphones. Zagg sells its products under the famous brand name InvisibleShield.

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InvisibleShield also was known as Invisibleshield HDX. One of the best screen protectors with a lifetime warranty.

It has five-layer screen protection, which contains self-healing technology + Military Grade Protection. With an extra High impact Dispersion Layer.

Zagg invisible shield Glass

There are some simple steps you just need to follow to install your Invisibleshield Glass protector. Just follow the step, and you are done with your screen protector.

1st Step:

You need to remove your old screen protector. After that, you can apply for the new one.

2nd Step:

Clean the screen of the mobile screen with the provided wipe or paper. Do Not use any other material.

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3rd Step:

Now use the dry wipe or paper to clean the screen. That will help to dry out all the moisture from the screen.

4th Step:

Now open the new screen protector. And remove the paper from one side of the screen protector. Do not try to touch that side with a hand or anything.

5th Step:

Now line up the screen protector along with the screen of the phone. And make sure it’s perfectly aligned with the screen.

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6th Step:

After the screen protector is aligned, just push the screen protector’s centre and press it in all to completely apply on the screen.

7th Step:

Now you can remove the film on the other side of the screen. If there are any bubbles stuck inside the protector. You can remove those bubbles by pressing them toward the edge of the screen.

How You Can Register Your Product at

Zagg registration is essential, and you need to know some important things such as the advantage and disadvantages of Zagg product registration.

To register your product with Zagg, the 1st thing you need to create an account on

After you create an account on, you would be able to:

  • Register your products
  • Warranty Claims
  • Track your ordered shipments.
  • Manage your history.

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FAQ’s Section

Question No. 1: How do I register my Zagg screen protector?

Answer: To register with Zagg screen Protector, there are two major steps 1st visit the website and click on the registration button. 2nd After clicking on the registration button, follow the simple steps and boom, you got registered.

Question No. 2: How do I Get my free ZAGG Replacement?

Answer: For you, Zagg producing a guarantee claim is simple and convenient. You can launch your online guarantee claim by visiting the website. You will be asked to log in or open a new account.

Please note that because goods can be shipped from many places and there is a single item, each warranty can be replaced only by one item per guaranteed transaction.

If you have many products that need a substituent, please make sure that they are each individually registered (if you haven’t purchased them directly from – the transactions made by are automatically registered).

Question No. 3: How do you Replace a Zagg Screen Protector?

Answer: These are the three steps to follow to replace your Zagg Screen Protector:

  1. Start by lifting the screen guard from every corner.
  2. When it gets up, avoid tightening from the corner and continue along with the guard when it begins to pull off.
  3. Slow and uniformly pull, or you would have a puzzle of tempered bits of glass to clean up.

Question No. 4: How Long do I have to Register my Zagg Screen Protector?

Answer: All claims under the Screen Guarantee Limited shall be filed by the Purchaser within the 1 YEAR of the purchase date. ZAGG guarantees the product against wear and tear over the device’s lifespan, for which the product is being purchased for device-specific goods protected by a restricted lifetime guarantee.

Question No. 5: How Many Times Can I replace my Zagg Screen Protector?

Answer: In my experience with Zagg over many years, you can replace this by giving a nominal $50 payable on your glass screen protectors with a $6 or $10 shipping charge for an indefinite period to get you installed on your site. It’s limitless, but you can’t skip a $7.99 purchasing charge.

Question No. 6: Does ZAGG Pay for Cracked Screens?

Answer: If you push the screen down, your warranty can be nullified. Please bring in to get your warranty repaired. Our guarantee shall extend after 120 days for the component and the installation fee.

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