The MythDHR web portal ( is for home depot workers. We assume that their main competitors are familiar. They are trying to attract and maintain their worthy workers. There are currently between 27-28,000 workers.

You can check on the MythDHR online portal by visiting its official web page at MyTHDHR, also known as HQ Numbers, provides benefits for those who want a record of payroll, schedules, and more.

Staff only need to access the schedule website by logging in and tracking their schedules to new additions to this page.

MythDHR Your Schedule Login Portal

When you’re searching for it, visit the Home Depot Workers page online, sign up if you’re previously not enrolled. Follow the instructions given after the signup process by e-mail or name and password:

  • Type “” to an official web page.
  • You will switch to phase when you have already signed in.
  • The username and password must be entered.
  • You can also change the location when you press 
  • Enter it will forward you to your user account

ESS Employee Self-Service

ESS helps you to access some related data and to change it. Revision each month of your employee self-service address and other personal data, to ensure that Home Depot can communicate with you on benefits, taxes, and many others as needed.

  • You can adjust your tax withholding from self-service employees.
  • Allow or change the details for your direct deposit.
  • Past tax declarations and pay declarations are displayed and printed.
  • Enable a credit card.
  • Change your mailing address Check (LOA) Absence of information or print Absence leave packets.
  • Sign and change your Homer Fund deduction.

MYTH DHR Login Guide

First of all, your official online portal must be visited by clicking here
The appropriate schedule must be selected. 
Then select from the given list the appropriate language.

After selecting the language option, enter your shop zone. 

You must then enter in the given space your user identity and password.

To proceed further, please click the “Login” button.

What is the plan for LIVE THE ORANGE LIFE?

Up to now, the company has expanded nearly 400,000 employees, making it in terms of the employer rate one of the best. The goal of the company is to get the organization more talented people. Live Orange life is one of these means of keeping its clients. The Orange Life program provides its workers with bonuses and benefits.

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