LMK Meaning: What Does Lmk Mean?


LMK is an internet slang word. Have you got an “LMK” message while chatting with someone on a social media network platform? And you didn’t know LMK meaning? What does it stand for? And How to respond to an unknown term like this? Well, don’t feel bad for yourself, you’ll find each and everything about this acronym in this article.

lmk meaning

Internet Slangs is a shorthand term used during an online conversation or posts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. These terms are used instead of long words or phrases. During an online chat on the internet, you will become familiar with these terms.

There are millions of such shorts terms that are used on the internet, and mostly they are used on social media sites and applications. People use such terms for instant response to a message. IIRC is one of most trending slang words that means “If I’m right” or “If I remember rightly.”

LMK Meaning

Let’s have a look at the meaning of the LMK. In our daily life, when we want to confirm some information from someone or want to know to something, we simply just request that person by saying that “Let me know”. In the same sense, LMK is used when we need to confirm something.

On the internet, these long phrases are just converted into short terms just like LMK, but the meaning remains the same. Let’s take an example to make it clear. “I’ll go with you, but LMK what time, so I get ready.” So such short terms means the as we use them in face to face conversation.

What Does LMK Stand For?

LMK is an abbreviation of “Let me know”. Usage of such abbreviations on the internet become a trend. Especially the young generation is used to respond with such short terms. Even the number of slag words are increasing day by day.

There’s a lot of other internet slangs like OFC, WBU, and TBh, that’s trendy on the internet or social media sites these days. If you are on social media websites, then you should be familiar with such terms. It will help you with better communication.

LMK Meaning in Texting

LMK is a politely and lightly way to ask someone for details or confirmation of some information. It is widely used in online text messages. Remember that it should be apart of informal conversation. If you don’t think the second person knows what it means so never use it, use the full form to communicate better.

It’s used to ask someone for details about:

  • A decision they need to make.
  • Personal opinion about something.
  • Their future plans or their desires about a particular future outcome.

Is LMK Formal Way Of Texting?

As discussed earlier, LMK is an internet slang, and internet slang can never be a part of any formal conversation, so LMK can not be used in the formal conversation. You need to avoid such short terms. You can’t use an acronym or abbreviations when speaking to your supervisor or someone who is related to you because of any office work.

In communication with friends or with whom you are frank, you can use such short terms. So, avoid the usage of slang words while talking to a person in authority in a conversation. The meaning of LMK differs from one territory to another, so you have to be careful when using internet slang, it can lead to miscommunication or confusion.

Below list shows what Does it stand for in other fields:

  • Lag My Klaar (Afrikaans: Laughing Out Loud)
  • Lativi Media Karya (Malaysia; broadcasting company)
  • Local Maintenance Key
  • GPS Landmark
  • Landsforeningen Mot Kreft (Norwegian: National Association against Cancer)

Some Common Examples

To explain this word, below are some common examples that may help you understand it better:


Friend #1: “Hey, what are you doing this weekend? We’re going to a football match. LMK if you are interested.

Friend #2: “Sure, I will be there.

In the example above, it illustrates how to use LMK to ask someone for information about their future plans.


Friend #1: “LMK, how is the design of the logo, I just sent you.

Friend #2: “I’ll check it and let you know.

The example above illustrates how we can use LMK to ask for the point of view of somebody.


Friend #1: “LMK, Can I have your bike for one day?

Friend #2: “Yeah sure.

In the example above, the first Friend uses LMK as a request for information on a decision, the second Friend has to decide on the basis of the question asked.

Final Thoughts

LMK is an abbreviation for “let me know,” such short words are considered as web slangs, and these phrases are used in text messaging and also in posts on many social media networking sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Messenger.

In online messaging, we use such acronyms, you can not use them during formal interaction. These shorthands are only used to respond to a message quickly. There are many other slangs that are widely used, such as OFC, WBU and tbh. If you’re part of any social media platform, then you should know these words because you’re going to face these slangs on the internet.


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