Vans is a California-based American company that is known to make “skateboarding” shoes. It also offers other things including backpacks, shoes, hoodies, and t-shirts. Like all brands, this brand is very expensive and everyone can’t afford it. So be aware of the copies or fake vanes shoes.

As Vans shoes very expensive and well-known brand, so on a fake shoe, nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money. So in such a situation, you need to inspect the shoe package carefully. For awareness about the real vans shoes, we have listed below a few things. You should go through the below list for once before going to buying vans shoes.

How To Spot A Fake Vans Shoe?

Well, the copier can’t copy the shoe just like the real one. There are a few things that a copier can’t copy. Below we have listed a few points that you should remember while buying the vans shoes.

1- Receipt of Fake Vans

The first thing that you need to check is the receipt. You need to carefully check the receipt and original receipt contain paid bill amount, date and shop name with that area. You will also find a six-number barcode.

2- Check The Packaging

The package should have a bar code label showing the bar code along with other details such as the manufacturing country and the size of the shoe. Scanning or running the bar code on your smartphone is one sure-fire way. For this, there are plenty of applications available and they are very easy to use.

Similarly, by checking their details sticker, you can also find out that your Vans shoes are original or fake.

3- Check The Label

The original vans trademark or official logo is placed on three places on the shoes. One on the back of the shoe and the second one is placed on the side of the shoe while the last one is placed on the sole of the shoe. Manolo Blahnik Shoe is printed externally and internally from both sides of the heel.

4- Check The Price

As mentioned earlier, Vans are not cheap. For each pair of Vans costs at least $40. If someone sells at a lower price, they are probably fake.

5- Bendable Toes

The shoe sole is very flexible. Enough if you fold it would hit the shoe’s heel. If the shoe sole is rigid, then most likely those Vans are Fake.

6- Look For The “Steel Seal”

Your shoe’s sole should have a pattern of diamonds and hexagons intertwined with the “Steel Seal.” Since there are two styles of Vans (Japanese and European), two types of seals are accessible.

The Japanese variant is sold as a steel seal in Asian countries. While the European version has several different steel seals, it is sold worldwide. Essentially, steal seals are the code for each plant that created them.

7- Look For Well Designed Logo on the Insoles

Besides, the dark logo on the shoe’s inner side will be dull on many fake Vans ‘ shoes. But the real one is going to be colorful and fresh and very easy to read.

8- Inspect The Rubber Collar

The Vans have a rubber foot cover for their feet. It has a rough texture to protect the shoe from wear and tear, while the rest of the rubber will be smooth. If there is no pattern, then the shoes are fake. Comparing the texture with a real Vans will also help in distinguishing the real and fake.

Similarly, between the shoe’s cloth and the rubber collar, there will be a small gap. The area consists of a smooth plastic thin layer similar to the rest of the shoe. Fake shoes will be without a gap, this rubber collar extends the entire way to the cloth.

9- The Red Tell of Fake Vans

There is a small piece of red cloth on the inside of your Vans shoe bottom. Only half an inch at the top of the heel. This is definitely going to be a real vans shoe while it won’t be present in a counterfeit.

10- Inspect The Details

Examine the stitching, it’s the real deal if it’s tight, firm, and symmetrical. If it’s loose, messy, and asymmetrical, it’s a fake. It can be very difficult to recreate high-quality stitching in shoes, and if you want to test the stitch of the shoe then heel panels are the perfect place to check the quality of the stitch. Make sure the stitches are straight, evenly spaced and clean.

You must also ensure that the stitch line is properly matching the corner of the panels. This is a very good opportunity to ensure that the upper join and midsole do not have unwanted adhesive traces.

11- Authentic Dealers

Last but not least, still search the dealers. Online sellers ‘ reviews are a good reference point. So reading user comments confirms that is this seller is selling the original van shoe or fake.

You can now easily buy the best Vans shoes with the help of the above few points. There’s a lot of the best shoe company in the United States and Shoegasm is one of the best.