SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A common practice to optimize your online business & get potential customers to your website.

If you are looking to grow your business, then you are in the right place. This guide will let you know some necessary steps you should follow to promote your online business.

Can SEO Helps You Rank In Google?

Everybody wants to rank no one on google & it was quite easy to like ten years ago. But now, it’s not that simple.

Google search engine algorithms are well optimized. And they are consistently working on their algorithms to give more accurate results to the customers.

It would help if you considered the fact that there are more than 130 million registered websites over the internet. Whenever a user searches a query, Google shows a filtered result out of millions of websites.

So if you want to be on top of the list, you must understand what basis google ranks someone on top of the list and de-rank from its position.

Point No 1: Focus On Content

You may have heard “Content Is King”. That a fact. Google has this new update called Hummingbird. With this new update website, which has content on everything won’t do and sites that focus on one single niche.

For example: let’s say you have a website about dating online, and you cover topics like:

“Five ways to have your dream date.”

If you provide information like: “Go to, sign up, and you’ll find a match.”

You’re not going to do that well.

Rather you cove the topics like: “How to create a profile on”.

Give a helpful and brief step by step guide, add pictures, video tutorials, and cover all the significant aspects of the article. 

Then break down other dating websites like eHarmony, Tinder, Bumble, and all the different platforms

By doing this, you can cover a wide area of relevant topics in a specific niche and generate a lot of traffic to your website.

Point No 2: Right Keywords For Your Content

A keyword is a query we search in google. If you know the best keywords for your business, you can directly point to your targeted audience. 

There are plenty of free and paid tools that can help you find low-targeted keywords for your business. 

The next step is how you’re going to use these keywords in your content, titles, description, and URL. So there are some On-page rules you need to follow to make SEO-optimized content.

For example, You must use your main targeted keyword in the page title, URL, Description, and throughout the content. 

But it doesn’t mean to over-optimize your content with keywords. That’s called keywords Stuffing.  

Let’s say you write a content of 500 words, and you use your keyword over 50 times.

These techniques may work ten years ago, but not these days — Google Panda, a core algorithm of Google. 

It analyzes your content thoroughly and finds out any spam quickly. So don’t even try to do that cause once you get penalized by Google, it would be challenging for you to gain google trust again. 

Point No 3: Promote Your Business On Social Media

Social media is an essential and cheap platform to market your business. You can get many engagements and traffic conversion to your website at a little cost compared to Google Adwords and other marketing campaigns.  

But before you promote your business on social media, you need to choose the best social media platform for your business. 

Let’s say you have a beauty Parlor where you provide bridal makeup and all different makeup services if you want online customers from social media platforms. Instagram would be the best option to start an advertising campaign because most girls prefer to use Instagram over other social media platforms.   

You can easily create an active community on social media by posting exciting offers regularly. A significant number of followers and engagements from social media make a good impression on google. 

Point No 4: Create A Strong Backlink Profile

If you want your brand to be authoritative on google. You need an active backlink profile. 

While creating a backlinks profile, you need to keep some key points in your mind. 

  • Keep It Natural: If you focus on creating a single type of backlinks or generate the bulk of links at a time, the search engine will get suspicious about it. 
  • Anchor Text Variation: Never create backlinks using a single anchor text. Always use multiple anchor text. Even if you target to rank a keyword, try to use its synonyms or stemming keywords.
  • Relevant Backlinks: Make sure to get a link from a related website. Because it will add more value to your website as compared to irrelevant links.
  • Do-Follow Links: Do-follow links are very effective to increase your domain authority and page authority. On the other hand, no-follow links tell google that,” Yes, I am linking to this website, but it is not worthy of following it.” But I’m not saying that you focus on do-follow links. Make a percentage of 70% do-follow & 30% no-follow links. Never get links from a spammy website; it will also increase your spam score.  
  • Authority Backlinks: Although an authority link is not easy to get, if you spend some money, you can get it quickly. You should get authority backlinks. It will increase your website, DA & PA very fast. 

Point No 5: Resolve Your Technical Issues

Your website must be well-optimized w.r.t all technical aspects that include the following points:

    • Website layout: Your website must be attractive and engaging. Easy to navigate through different sections of the website. 
    • Website load time: The average load time of a website is from three seconds to five seconds. If your website speed is not well optimized, it can affect your bounce rate. 
  • Website Responsiveness: Always use a responsive theme. Because most of the users visit webpages using their mobile phones and tabs. If your theme is not responsive, it can have a bad user experience. That can affect your website ranking. 

Why Do you need An SEO Specialist?

If you are a business owner and want to increase your sales to the next level. You need a dedicated and loyal team to look after all your online business. You can have a lot of examples of successful businesses run by some top Digital marketing experts. 

Our SEO Experts will do the following jobs:

  • manage your online business portals. 
  • Find Out some potential hurdles in your way and resolves them. 
  • Give you ideas you spend your money in a useful way. 
  • Keep you updated with the latest trends in marketing. 
  • Give you progress reports on a monthly and weekly basis.