All the search engines ( Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more ) available on the internet helps you to find the website related to your query. Companies wish to get the highest trafficking on their website. They want their website to be ranked at the top of the list of search results. How it can be done? SEO is the Answer.

Yes, you might know what does it stands for. A beginner might think either it is an application or a link to optimize the search. Next, comes into mind How does SEO work? Why we must pay attention to it.

You are in the right place to know what SEO is and why millions of people are paying attention to it. This article is dedicated to all new learners.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation used for Search Engine Optimization. It is a procedure for increasing the number and worth of visitors to a website. It is a valuable and inexpensive marketing strategy. SEO plays an important role in keeping a website on a search engine.

what is seo?SEO helps you rank your website and generate more traffic to your website. It helps in ranking if no one views your content and boosts traffic if it is not fulfilling your goal.

As growing up in an internet era, everything is available on the global network. People search for every question or any ongoing trend on the worldwide web. There are over a billion searches on Google. That is why showing up on the Google front page is an achievement.

In more simple words, SEO:

  1. Make the best of your content, so search engines like it to show on the top page.
  2. It uses keywords to optimize your content.
    • For instance, you wrote an article on the ongoing news of Amazon Forest. You want it to be ranked at the top of the search engine. More specifically speaking, you want it on Google top page.

The bottom line is Search Engine Optimization is a magic trick for showing up your website/content whenever a user searches for a keyword.

You might be thinking, Why ranking on the first page is Important? Ranking on the front page of Google means:

  • Your business is growing.
  • It satisfies people’s demands.
  • Your content is as per the viewers’ choice. This is an important factor for flourishing a company’s website.

The website plays a vital role; it represents the company’s motto and services. Just like a personal resume, an eye-catching resume gets all the attention of an observer. Similarly, an attractive content of a website creates an interest of the viewer to look into more information.

You Must Pay Attention to SEO – WHY?

Well, why the magic trick of SEO even matters.

It does matter; as said above, it is a marketing strategy in digital marketing. Digital marketing means the publicity of your work through mobile or web applications or any digital channel.

why you must pay attention to SEOSEO is a subset of digital marketing. Every entrepreneur wants extraordinary traffic. Furthermore, to strive in the race of big brands and stick to your position aiming to reach the top.

SEO Importance

Any business with an attractive website can get immense traffic and profit from SEO. Therefore, SEO is a crucial part of branding. Furthermore, every topic depends on SEO to affect the consumer’s demands.

  1. The majority of online traffic is generated through search engines.
  2. It is an opportunity to flourish in business and income.
  3. The search result done through efficient SEO ( not paid advertisements) is more credible. Moreover, they are paid more than those funded advertisements.
  4. Efficient SEO results in covering more digital ownership.
  5. It is an online marketing channel that pays you off when set up in the right manner.
  6. Effective SEO can be done with attractive content that deserves to be ranked in a search engine. With such a strategy, your traffic can easily snowball over time.
    SEO importance
  7. Whereas a paid advertisement needs funding to send views to your site.
  8. It is researched paid advertisements only get around 2.8% of clicks.
  9. In comparison with the fact that SEO gets 20 times more traffic on both mobile and web browsers.
  10. No doubt optimizing your webpage will help in delivering better and genuine information. So, your content is valued enough to be displayed on search results.

Simply, SEO checks your website shows up for the right search inquiry.

Major Search Engines

Yet search engines are getting smarter. Formerly, search engines designed algorithms to find online content for people. Nonetheless, the following are the percentage of all searches of 10 major websites. They are listed in ascending order:

  • Google News       0.28%
  • DuckDuckGo       0.56%
  • Facebook             0.69%
  • Amazon                1.85%
  • Google Maps        2.09%
  • Bing                       2.25%
  • Yahoo                    2.47%
  • YouTube                3.71%
  • Google Images    26.79%
  • Google                  59.30%


Surprisingly Google became a powerhouse to the Internet/virtual world. Some fun facts of Google search engine are:

  • Google approximately does 63,000 searches in a second. So it is the least estimated value; maybe it does more than that—around 5.5 billion searches per day.
  • Its market value is approximately $740 Billion.
  • It shares 90.5% of the search engine market globally.
  • Interestingly on Google, 15% of searches have never been searched before.

Google search engine for SEOThe majority of people use Google to search for different topics. The topic can be Informational, Navigational or Transactional.

  • Informational Query: Name indicates searching for information on any topic—for Example, Worst and Best Dog Food.
  • Transactional Query: Looking to buy something. For Example, Best Laptop Deals.
  • Informational Query: Looking for a specific website. For Example, Vequill or Wikipedia.

Techniques of SEO

There are two techniques to work SEO. Either people want faster results to get paid, or they believe in making a sustainable website.

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Grey Hat SEO

seo techniques

All have different strategies and goals with pros and cons.

White Hat SEO

It is a way to follow a procedure in making a sustainable website. White Hat SEO means:

  • Not only Optimizing your content for search engines but also for the users.
  • White hat SEO considers audience demand for content on the top of the priority list.
  • In this SEO, the writer focus on writing the best content which is readable and accessible. Moreover, fulfilling the rules of the Seach engine.

This will pay you in the long run. It is a long term business game.

Strategies for White Hat SEO

  1. Complete sentences but not too long. A long sentence is hard to read.
  2. No grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  3. Relevant Information in content.
    •  QUALITY WITH QUANTITY is key for effective content writing. 
  4. Create High-Quality content which is helpful for viewers.
  5. Good quality Images related to the content.
  6. Links and references
  7. Outstanding and relevant titles.
  8. Standard Compliant HTML. It means using HTML or XHTML with Cascading Style Sheets to define a layout of a webpage.
  • Dead Links

seo dead linksBesides, you can find Broken links on Wikipedia relevant to the content to make new links for your content. This a powerful strategy.

Grey Hat SEO

Nonetheless, it is true, sometimes things are not always entirely Black or White. Somehow we have to make things work somewhere within the two opposite sides.

You get it right; I am talking about the mixture of white and black hat SEO known as Grey Hat SEO. It is not as perfect as the white hat SEO neither as bad as black hat SEO. It is a technique that could go wrong.

Strategies for Grey Hat SEO

  1. Buying old domains and links.
  2. Social media purchasing followers and automation.
  3. Copied content
  4. Cloaking
    • It is a technique of showing different content and links to users and search engines.

Results from SEO

You will at least start seeing results from SEO in 4 weeks. However, if your visibility and ranking are not showing off in the first week, there might be a problem.

seo resultsFactors that are important to be considered in SEO results are:

  1. Keyword
  2. Age of your site
  3. What’s trending
  4. The area you have targeted
  5. Search engines you want to be ranked in.
  6. Your Competition

Your results can vary because of the factors above.

Webmaster Guidelines for SEO

Webmaster guidelines vary in search engines. Yet, the basic principle remains the same. Basic principles are:

  1. Think about how to make your website valuable and interesting.
  2. Avoid tricks to improve ranking.
  3. A rule of thumb is to make sure your content helps the viewers and explain your work to a Google employee.
  4. Make content easy to read.
  5. Page speed is important.

Avoid Balck hat and Grey Hat techniques. Moreover, don’t over-optimize keywords.


It’s true; SEO changes all the time. Track your SEO changes very carefully. It is important to speed up your web page. Furthermore, stay away from spam guest posts.

Nonetheless, Content is the king of SEO. Well researched, genuine content and target your audience need is the path to your success. Good keyword research is also important. First, decide what kind of your website will be. Then, use different tools for making better keywords.

In short, your preference for making content should be what your audience will love and what google likes. These two points are related to each other and will assist you in searching for your targeted viewers easily.

seo checklist

SEO is a vast area; there are many complicated points to be taken care of. First, though, I hope I have helped you understand SEO and why you should pay attention to it. For more interesting articles you can visit