How To Use Google Analytics For Website? Google traffic analysis gives you a deeper look at how different people find your website. We have different free and authentic tools that provide accurate analytics of traffic.

Use Google Analytics For Website

You can use these reports to develop a good marketing campaign. The two free and best tools for traffic analysis are Google Webmaster & Google Analytics. Both tools provide different types of data that help you to analyze website traffic recourses in many different ways.

How To Use Google Analytics For Website?

Google Analytics and Webmaster provide different matrices of data to analyze your traffic on a monthly, daily, and weekly basis.

  • Sessions Duration Statistics
  • Bounce Rate
  • New Visitor sessions
  • Page Views sessions
  • Avg. session rate
  • Customers Conversion Rate

Google analytics tool provides you with all these options. 

Organic Traffic 

This section of google analytics displays all the non-paid search results from Google and different search engines.   

Click on any particular keyword and you can see all the organic traffic coming to your website.   

Session Duration for New Visitors & Avg. Session Rate 

1 min 45 sec is the average session duration for direct traffic. Google Analytics provides complete details about session duration for new visitors. You can customize it to have more information about separate page views sessions. 

Session by Country

Google analytics and webmaster provide complete details about the countries through which all the traffic is coming to a website. You can use this information to analyze your targeted country.  

Referral Traffic

In this section of google analytics, you can see all the traffic from external domains linking to your website. Furthermore, customization is allowed in this section.

It also shows the bounce rate of traffic coming from different resources.

You can see a complete list of referring domains to your website and their traffic too. If you click on any referral domain you can see the exact number of referral traffic coming to your website.

Social Media Traffic

In the Social Media section, you can also find a complete report on social media traffic. This traffic does not come under inbound traffic or referral traffic. You can break down this traffic and see which social media channel brings how much traffic to your website.

Direct Traffic

In this session, you can find the total number of visitors who access your website by typing directly on their browsers. In furthermore customization, you are allowed to see the specific URL which has a higher number of direct sessions.

Specific Campaigns Traffic

Google analytics help to create custom campaigns to monitor your targeted milestone achievements.

For example, if you have an online selling store and you want to set up a campaign to monitor the sales of a specific product. You can define a strategy that will show how many visitors come to your online store and also click the buy button to buy that product.

Paid Search Traffic

Different companies use paid advertisement campaigns and they have a huge number of paid traffic.

You can monitor your Google AdWords traffic with google analytics if both are interconnected. You can set your advertisement campaigns using some specific keywords and also specify a landing page.

When a user searches the same keyword your ads will display on Google. You also need to specify those keywords on which you do not want to display your ads.

Visitors Demographics

Google Analytics also gives you a graphic view of overall traffic conversions to your website.

You can use this data to analyze the country or region which has more traffic conversions and help you to change your marketing strategy and advertisement campaigns accordingly.  

Unique Visitors & Returning Visitors

Google Analytics also provides information about the total number of unique visitors coming to your website and also the returning visitors coming to your website.

You must focus on a good user experience that will help to increase your unique visitors and also returning visitors.

Real-Time Traffic Analytics

The real-time report section of google analytics helps you monitor real-time activity from moment to moment on your website. That will help you understand the reaction of people to your marketing campaign and infrastructure.

With a real-time traffic report, you can get the exact number of visitors to your website. The location report tells the country location of the real-time user. The Content report shows which page of your website is visited by the users and the moment.

Traffic Bounce Rate

Google analytics shows the bounce rate of overall visitors coming to your website. A normal bounce rate of a website is between 50% to 70%. If it is lower than this range then it is good but if it is higher than 70% you need to be worried about that.

Google Webmaster Analytics

Google webmaster provides you with detailed analytics about the following sections:

  • The total number of clicks to your website
  • Total number of Impressions
  • Average CTR
  • Average positions of your ranked keywords

In more customization, you can see a complete list of top-ranked queries, top-ranked pages, top countries, and top devices through which your website receives all the traffic.

Another purpose of google webmaster is to show the total number of index pages on your website and help you resolve any indexing issues.

Email Marketing Analytics

You can use different email marketing tools that will notify your subscribed customers and visitors of their mailing addresses. This strategy also brings a large number of returning visitors to your website.

Email marketing tools also allow you to set some particular campaigns.

Customers Conversion Rate

The customer’s conversion rate is very important and helpful to analyze the potential customers of your website.

For example, a company or an organization can use traffic analytics to monitor the total percentage of website visitors who purchase any product, fill out a form, or click on any specific type of ad. You can also customize these statistics to monitor any specific activity on your website.  

Traffic Analysis At Blogxanga

Tracking the conversion rate of visitors to your website is very important to utilize your money and effort efficiently. We make sure that traffic analysis offered at Hadows helps you boost up your business and result in a high ROI (Return On Investment) for your website.

Our Customer conversion analysis helps you to set a road map for your targeted audience and help you to reach them by answering all the possible questions, scenarios, and concerns of the users. The conversion rate analysis at Blogxanga is completed in the following steps by our highly skilled SEO Analysts:

  • Sessions Duration Statistics
  • Bounce Rate Analysis
  • New Visitor sessions
  • Page Views sessions
  • Avg. session rate
  • Customers Conversion Rate

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