In 1996 Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content Is King”. No doubt content is the heart of today’s online marketing industry. Blogging is one of the best online business strategies we have to promote our business.

Why Content Creation is Important?

Content creation is the best inbound marketing practice we use to expand our business. Content is the most powerful weapon we have to share information with our audience. That helps us attract potential customers to our blog and website.

Important of Content Creation

Some of the important facts you should know about Content Marketing.

  • 37% of marketers believe Content-led websites are the most important way to engage customers.
  • 90% of organizations market with content.
  • 91% B2B (Business to Business) marketers use content marketing.
  • 86% of B2C (Business to Consumer) Marketers use Content marketing.
  • 62% of companies outsource their content marketing.
  • 80% of people appreciate learning about companies through custom content.

Why You Need Content Creation (Content Marketing)?

Content Marketing has become a necessity in today’s world due to the following factors :

  1. Top-quality content keeps the reader’s attention.
  2. Good quality content improves Brand Loyalty.
  3. It helps in generating leads.
  4. Increases the direct sales of a business.
  5. The cost of creating advertising and selling products is 62% less than traditional marketing.

Content marketing and content creation also play an important role to provide consumer control over brand information.

The reason is that 86% of people skip TV adverts and 44% of people ignore direct mail and 91% of users unsubscribe from company emails. That’s why most of the internet markets and experts focus on quality content creation and content marketing.

Content Planning and Strategy

Usually, no architect starts building a house without a blueprint, or a company without having a defined mission statement. So, content creation also needs proper planning. You can be derailed from your exact goal & objective if you do not have proper planning.

Good quality content always needs proper planning and a good strategy. That defines your true and exact objective. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step plan for good content creation.

Set Your Content Goals

Your content strategy should have marketing goals just like a traditional marketing campaign. More and more visitors to your website or leads to your website must be attracted. Once you have determined your goal meets your content creation strategy and your desired outcome then you can work on creating content.

Create a User-Centered Design

Just focusing on content creation without having any specific goal will not create successful inbound content. The first and very important thing to consider is to identify your targeted audience.

With whom you talk, how you talk to them, and where your target audience will be. It is best to make every reader feel like you speak to them directly to create quality content. The only way to create such inbound content is to get very close and fair to your visitors and customers.

You need to know your visitors very closely, you should be aware of user PSY, their fears, their needs, and what are they looking for. Creating such content that fulfills customers’ needs and also attracts them to stay on your website is very difficult.

You need to create a user-centered design that will help you to understand your user needs in a better way. There are four things you should consider while creating a user-centric design. These include 

  • Customer demographics
  • Behavior patterns
  • Motivation
  • Specific goal

Content Writing Strategy

Start your content with a question and then continue by answering it. In further sections you can discuss any solution to the problem, also provide some good suggestions.

Your post must have proper symmetry throughout the content. Finally, at the end of your post give a proper conclusion.

If you write content in this manner the customer will definitely feel like they are receiving relevant and useful information through your content.

Perform a Content Audit

If you have been writing content without following a proper strategy or clear direction it doesn’t mean your content won’t fit into one specific strategy.

To take your content in a proper direction and align with a proper strategy you need to do a proper content audit.

That will help you to fit your content under a proper and required content creation plan. It also points out all the missing points and gaps in the content.  

Choose an Acceptable Format

For selecting the best content creation format, keep in mind your intended audience. Your format must be easy and enjoyable according to the user’s perspective.

We have different formats available to choose from, It can be a blog post, a video, a SlideShare, a postcard, or whatever you like to choose.

There are also some different aspects you need to consider while choosing the best format for your audience.

  • You should be aware of the age of your targeted audience.
  • How easy is the readability of your content for your audience?
  • Where do most of your targeted audience spend their time on the internet?
  • How easily and consistently you can create the required format?
  • Are you able to provide content at a competitive level?

Content Creating Process

After you have decided on the proper format for your content. The content creation process consists of the following important steps to create good quality and SEO-optimized content. 

SEO Research

A user-centric content pattern will help you to find out some ideas about the topics your audience might be interested to learn about. You need to check whether these topics cover a large number of audiences or not.

If a topic has a large targeted audience. It’s a great chance to have a great number of viewers on the post. Just like a  large number of the targeted audience is good. You can also see how you can analyze social media trends for keyword research.

Less competitive keywords and topics are also good for ranking purposes. If your post ranks on top of google against a specific keyword, A higher audience will be directed to your website.


Writing is also one of the most important steps in content creation whether you are writing a post, creating a video, or a postcard. While writing a post you also need to provide a specific and appealing meta description.

Also, talk about the advantages, importance, and needs to make your post more interesting and effective. Also, provide a good post Title. Always stick to one idea in a post. Be more specific and precise so the reader doesn’t get bored or distracted. Do not mix up different things together.


Publishing your post doesn’t look like just clicking the publish button. You need to make a proper schedule for publishing your post. The proper date and time of publishing your post give your customer a good impression and keep your regular visitors up to date.

Content Promotion

After selection and creation of good quality content. The next thing to focus on is content promotion and its advertisement. What’s the advantage of such good content if no one sees it. 

That’s why content promotion is as important as your content-creating strategy. So, in the field of the digital market, we have some best content marketing strategies. That surely helps you to advertise your content and drive the organic audience to your website.

The user-centered design will help you to find out where most of the targeted audience spends most of the time on the internet. That will help you to figure out how much investment you need and which type of advertisement campaign will benefit your content promotion.

Some of the best Content promotion strategies are:

  • Social Media Sharing  (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Email Marketing ( Reaching the audience through their email addresses)
  • Paid Promotion (Pay-per-click [PPC] Paid advertisements)
  • Syndication (Promote your content  through a third-party channel)
  • Repurposing Content ( Redesign the same post in different formats like an infographic, Video, Banner, or Written content).

Content Creation At Blogxanga

The most important step in launching a successful SEO campaign is to create the best quality content according to user needs. We make sure that the content creation services offered at Hadows help you boost up your business and result in a high ROI for your website.

Our extensive content creation team helps you to set a road map for your content goals and reach targeted users by answering all the possible questions, scenarios, and concerns of the users. The content creation procedure at Blogxanga is completed in the following steps by our highly skilled SEO Content Writers:

  • Content Planning and Strategy
  • Set Your Content Goals
  • Content Writing Strategy
  • Choose an Acceptable Format
  • Content Promotion