BRB Meaning: What Does BRB Mean in Texting?


BRB is a short term that is called internet slang. Slang words are a kind of words which are used instead of full phrase. You will face such terms on social media sites and applications. Social media is full of such jargon. If you are the one who does not know BRB meaning and what does it stands for? Don’t feel bad, here in this article you will find everything about it.

Internet slangs are basically generated from social media network, people use such short terms instead of complete phrases for the instant response to a message. I know it is quite hard to remember all the jargon, but it is possible to recognize the few most popular and common such as LMK, OFC, WYD, and WBU, etc.


As mentioned before, social media is the primary source of such terms, so being social media users you must be familiar with such words, it will help in a better conversation. You will find the maximum number of Youth users on the social media network, which means the young generation is behind the invention of such short terms.

BRB Meaning

The full form of the term BRB is “Be Right Back” that is used in the online conversation. It is used when someone has to leave for a moment, but after a short time, he will be back. So people use the BRB slang in such a situation. The meaning of BRB is the same as we use it in our daily life conversation.

During an online conversation with someone, BRB is used when someone has to leave their keyboard for a short time. BRB is used as a means of empathy or politeness. So that the next person does not wonder why he is not getting any response. BRB is a more friendly way of telling the other person that he will back to the conversation just after a short break.

What Does BRB Stand For?

As explained earlier the BRB meaning, now let’s discuss what actually it stands for. BRB is an internet slang that stands for “Be Right Back”. In a normal routine, we use this phrase in conversation with someone, when we have to leave the discussion for a few seconds.

On social media sites, it is used in the same way as used in normal face-to-face conversation. But the shortage of time or to quickly respond to a message people use the short form this phrase. Using short terms instead of long phrases become a kind of trend and it is spreading very fastly. You will face daily new slang on the internet.

How To Use BRB

BRB is an internet jargon that is used when the have to leave the keyboard for some time but will back after some time. You will find thousands of internet slangs that are mostly used in casual conversation on posts or comments on social media. For an instant response to a message, these slang words are used. Instead of typing full sentences or phrases, People find it easier to type the short form.

Such acronyms can never be a part of any email or formal conversation. They can be used in Informal conversation. In real life, we use this phrase when for some reason we have to leave the conversation in the mid. It is politely way of telling someone that kindly wait I will back in the discussion.

There are a lot of online private messaging apps like Messenger and Whatsapp where you didn’t need to use BRB jargon because there’s a status option like “Away” or “Online”.  In such applications, the other person gets to know that the next person is currently away and he can not respond to messages immediately.

Alternative of BRB

There are few terms that you can use instead of BRB such as AFK that stands for “Away From Keyboard.” It has the same meaning as we use BRB in an online conversation. CUIAB is another term that you might face on the internet. It is the abbreviation of “see you in a bit”. It also has the same meaning.

Slang words have different meanings in different fields, so when using these abbreviations you should be careful and use these acronyms in conversation according to the context. Otherwise, misunderstanding will be created. below is the list meaning of BRB in various filed:

  • Biometric Research Branch
  • Bright Red Blood
  • Bug Review Board
  • Benefits Review Board

Final Thoughts

BRB is an internet slang that is used mostly in casual conversation on social media networks. The complete form of BRB is “Be Right Back”. This term is used when you have to leave the chat in mid for a while. BRB is used to show kindness or courtesy so that the next person is not wondering why a person has not been answering for a while.

Instead of “Be Right Back,” you can use AFK, CUIAB, and CUL. All of them have the same meaning and can be used in the same way as using BRB. So never confuse with them, instead of “Be Right Back,” you can face these words.


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